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About Us section, Facebook

Facebook 'About Us' section for a food delivery service
About Us section for business Facebook page

I created this ‘About Us’ section for a new Exeter based food delivery business. The owner was struggling to find her business identity, as well as finding it hard to break into a fairly strong local food scene. I researched her existing social media presence to get a feel for her preferred brand voice, and pulled out the most compelling parts of her business offering to create this engaging overview.

SPEC – Competition landing page, Internet


This spec advert was written as part of my copywriting training. The objective of the advert was to collect email addresses from the target audience. The tone was cheeky and promotional, in line with the Cheetos brand voice, and aimed at an audience of college students aged 18-22 years old. When I wrote the copy my aim was to engage the audience with copy that created a strong visual image in their mind of the potential prize and the desirability of the benefits they would get from winning.
The designer for this project was Marni Keenan.


“Amanda at Daffodil Copy was absolutely fantastic…she was very friendly, professional and informative…Amanda made everything so easy for me and certainly knows what she’s doing. Definitely recommend.”
Debbie, A Different Dish

Facebook page content

Blue Campaign Facebook post
Facebook post for the Blue Campaign

I work as a Facebook admin for the Blue campaign, an organisation dedicated to creating nature-friendly areas in UK gardens and public spaces. This post is part of a series aimed at educating the audience and empowering them to take action. Engagement with the Facebook page has increased significantly since I began to research and write these posts.